Brittany is a former singer of the band Society Hill, which she was apart of for 2 years. She draws inspiration from Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), Amy Lee (Evanescence), and many other rock and metal influences. She loves atmospheric styles of music and finds balance in between the dark and light sides of the spectrum.

Joel is the former lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and song writer for the band Random Alignment. His early influences include classic rock, grunge, and 2000's hard rock / metal bands. Stylistically he enjoys creating music that is dynamic with hard hitting riffs, powerful choruses, and aggressive vocals.

Chad is the former lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and song writer of Seeking Focus. The band played several shows in Ohio during its run. He is a guitarist by nature but has branched out to learning other instruments over the years. His influences range across many genres of rock and metal and growing up he drew inspiration from guitarists such as Mike Mushok, Dan Donegan, Jerry Cantrell, Tony Rombola, and many others.

Steve played in a band for several years while living in Ohio and has been playing drums for many years. He has been expanding his kit over the years to compliment the music and explore new percussive sounds. He draws inspiration from drummers such as Mike Portnoy and Neal Peart.​

Chris played in a multitude of bands in the Northwest before resettling in Charlotte, ranging from metal and rock with bands such as Demonic Whisper, Bleach Black, and later into jazz with Nocturnal Sun. He pulls inspiration from a variety of sources and is always seeking a chance to explore powerful music and help drive it forward with a creative spirit.


Origin:  Charlotte, NC

Genres:  Rock, Hard Rock, Metal

Years Active:  2019 - Present

Label:  Unsigned


Vocals - Brittany
Guitar - Chad
Drums - Steve
Guitar / Vocals - Joel
Bass - Chris
Band History

Killing the Silence originally started as a solo project by Chad. The goal expanded to seek out other musicians to form a full group; meshing the dark and melodic instrumentals with the clean vocals of a strong female lead, and incorporating a heavier element through screaming. As the band's songwriter, he composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered  the original demos establishing the foundation for the Awaken album.

In the summer of 2018, Steve joined Killing the Silence and the two members continued the search to fill the remaining spots with like minded musicians that shared the vision. Almost finalizing a different lead singer, Brittany reached out to Chad and an audition was scheduled.  She captivated the two with the tone and power of her voice, which led to her becoming the third member in January 2019. In the following months, lyrics and vocal melodies were developed for a few songs while the group conducted auditions. In the summer of 2019, Joel earned a spot with his ability to contribute aggressive vocals and alignment with the group's goals. After misfortune with two bass players, KTS met Chris in late 2019. He demonstrated he was a genuine presence and natural fit, becoming the final member.

The band is working to produce the final songs that will be released and eventually constitute the Awaken album.

Member Bios

Label: Unsigned


Management: Chad Wilcox -


Booking: Chad Wilcox -



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